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Maths Lessons and English Lessons

All lessons including private Maths lessons, private English lessons, Numeracy lessons and Literacy lessons are one hour long and normally on a weekly basis.  Educationally it is much more effective to have a one hour lesson every week for 1 term than to have a one hour lesson every fortnight for 2 terms.

Unless you request otherwise, homework is nearly always set after each lesson to reinforce what has been taught during that session. Naturally pupils who conscientiously do their homework normally achieve the best results!

Naturally for Revision Courses and Intensive Courses leading to important exams such as GCSE Maths, GCSE English, 11+ Entrance Test, KS1 Tests, KS2 Tests and KS3 Tests, more than one lesson each week is often taken by mutual agreement.

Should you have any queries, please call us on 01384 378873, or if this is not possible send an email to